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whats up everybody out there in the culinary world?

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Well, Jesse Parker and I are thinking about writing a cook book, anybody interested in colaborating with us? We would like to get a couple other people on board. Write either Jesse or me, and let us know.


Chef Daniel
I would love to take part in something like this, what is the theme of your cookbook?
This process is in the very very begining stages. Chef Daniel and I are throwing alot of great ideas around. What we have seen over done and ideas that we haven't seen. Target demographic, size, layout, and over all goal of what we wish to achieve. Understand this is more of a great hobby at this point and if in the end something is produced that we feel may have marketability then those avanues can be taken.
Hello Ricardo,
Jesse and I discussed if we thought you could contribute to our project in a significant way. We both felt that you should continue with your studies, and not let anything distract you from that. Fact is, we are looking for someone with a significant amount of experience and has completed their culinary education. Thank you for the interest, and good luck.

Chef Daniel


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