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Iam in need to talk to any Fraternity Chefs regarding their operations. Specifically, do you work solo? If not, do you have a staff to help you prep? And how many do you prepare service for? Do you serve breakfast lunch and dinner? Do you have a dish washer or are you responsible all clean-up of the kitchen? 



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Hi Tom, 

I am not currently, but used to be a chef of a sorority house. I worked with one assistant and has an industrial dishwasher that someone else (a houseboy) was responsible for operating. I planned the menus and ordered the food, but we did not clean the kitchen.

We served dinner only for 200-250 students per day. It worked, but was stressful because my assistant wasn't as fast or experienced as what would have been required for that type of service, so I did most of the work.

I would suggest starting with one meal then expand later if you want, after you get your system down. You also need to make sure that both the chef and the assistant are capable and compatible.

Hi Shane. Thanks for the reply. I need to discuss more in detail about my operation in detail. I'm looking for some acceptable industry standards. They pay me a salary so I'm actually in business for myself. I have to pay all of my taxes including business taxes. So I'm wondering if after all taxes are paid for the work that I'm doing that it's a fair compensation.


Thanks Tom

Hi Tom, How are things in your kitchen? Did you get all your answers? You never mention how big was your kitchen and how many people you served. Hope all is well. I have never work at a school but I have worked at a hospital and a senior community. If I can help. let me know.

Thanks for your response Mia. But things have been going much better for me.




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