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Hello all,

i am new to this site, so hellot there!
I just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Seattle this past November. And at the time I am about to go down to California for an internship. But, I really do want to further my education. Except, I don't have the money to do it. Would it be best to just get a job under a good chef when I come back and learn in the industry?

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Correct! Go out and work. Now it is time to apply all that you have learned. If you had a master's degree (if there is such a thing), but no expeirence, you would still have to work your way though the kitchen. There is a big difference from book knowledge and experience. There is no substitute for experience. Find a good chef that will take some time to teach you. You can learn something from most people in the kitchen. If you go to a place with a good reputation, most likly you will be learning from all the cooks and chefs in the kitchen. Keep your eyes and ears open. Stay focused on getting your work done, but watch and listen to what is going on all around you.
Relize that if someone is going to take the time to teach and mentitor you, you have to live up to your end. Work your butt off for them and don't flake out on them. I have seen it all to many times. If someone is going to invest in you by teaching you and "showing you the ropes", they expect to have a good reliable and dedicated employee. And they should expect that. They are going to take some bumps and bruises training you. As the old saying goes- I help you, you help me.
thanks for all of that advice! :)

yea, right now i'm going to Christopher Garren's let them eat cake in Costa Mesa. I'll be down for three months and then i'll be coming back and getting a job up here...probably hopefully with a pastry chef.

my goal is to live my dream...that's all haha.


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