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Hi everyone,


I am a new institution chef and signed on to a Fraternity house and had no idea how to run a business. I applied my household experience, and chef schooling and turned the house around 180 degrease. The house was unfit to live in or cook in, and the food being served was unacceptable to the college students. I cleaned for two days and saved the house enough for them to put away $15,000.00 toward a new future kitchen. Have any of you seen this happen?

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First off awesome job!

When you ask, "Have any of you seen this happen?". Are you referring strictly about turning around a Frat House or turning around a restaurant 180 degrees? I think you will find that some Chefs walk in to an operation that would make people cringe and be able to completely turn it around. Many Chefs live for that opportunity. Its one thing to take over an operation that is running smoothly on all levels. But taking charge of one where you first have to dismantle the operation, fix it and then re-build is where a Chef can put his/her stamp on it. Its the challange that excites us.
I haven't had that pleasure in my career yet; however a friend of mine became the executive chef at a local facility that was in the same shape (maybe even worst), as she explains it. It was not pretty and it's taken her sometime but the experience has been rewarding to her in the sense of accomplishments and having had some close chef friends be there for her for support and advise.

It sounds like you are also making progress and the best I can offer you is a thumbs up for your efforts and perceverence. As Chef Webster stated, this will be your time to show your mettle and shine bright. Keep up the good work!


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