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I am very excited about the formation of this group. As Chef Michael Ty said during the general session of this year's convention in Dallas..."We need to get our culinary students more involved and find ways to reach out to them."


That was the first convention I was able to attend and I had an amazing time! There were so many different things going on at once, it was hard to chose which seminars to go too and I tried to see as many competitions as I could. But, the only thing that bothered me was the fact that there weren't as many culinary students at the convention. I'm sure it wasn't because of the lack of interest to attend. But that it was due to financial reasons. I know this because that was the only hurdle that hindered me from attending such events before. Now, that I've had the experience of being there, I want to find ways for more students to go by providing aids of financial assistance. Whether that be through fundraisers, business sponsorships, etc. If we really want to get them involved..what are we gonna do to make that happen?


When students decide to be apart of this group..some may wonder what's in it for me? What can I get from this group? Who wouldn't right?! My desire for this group to help those that want to further their career through certification by providing a more clear cut path/timeline to achieve their goals. Help provide a student/chef Q&A forum to emphasize the importance of mentorship. And to get more students involved with ACF and keep them plugged in.


That is the vision of A.C.T and you the students are the heartbeat of this group and ACF. It is you, the Aspiring Chefs of Tomorrow that will keep this organization alive. And that is why we must do whatever we can to pass down the torch and help them/us make ACF stronger and better than before. I'm going to need everyone's help to make this happen. Students-I need you to speak up and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals. But first, you gotta know what you want. Be specfic, then go after it. Chefs-I need your knowledge of what you know and years of experience to help shape the minds of those who desire to succeed and get to the level that you've achieved. We all know it doesn't happen over night...it takes years of practice and hardwork, but your guidance will help pave a way for us to achieve just as you did.


So with that said...Aspiring Chefs of Tomorrow, "Step Up, Act Towards Your Future!" We got your back! :)



-Erica Lattimore, Chair of ACT!

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Hi Erika.

Just to all new chef that are coming out of school. Be patinence and agreeseive on what you really whant to do. Take the hard choice to get that position that you are looking. And remember sometimes is easy for some of us ti get the position, but like I did I when thru the hard youte, alaska, cruise lines and now Iam a sous chef after couple of years of hard working.

Any question or info let me know how i can help


Good luck ACT

Thank you Chef Tony for the advice and your leadership! Hardwork and patience does pay off in the end!

This is a great start to jot down some feedback into a document that will help shape the goals for this team.  I like the idea of sponsorship, but how can we get this to happen if the employers don't support the chefs.  It is very important for the young culinarians to help set the foundation with employers, an integral link for your career.  If you get excited, they will too. You must sell them on the importance of having certified chefs.  Can you imagine if the Government steps in and establishes mandates. This is why it is ever so important to set the stage...act now, get involved. Attend a conference, I am telling you that I learned a lot more this year than in years past by getting more involved in the sessions and truly learning from the best. 


How can we get more employers to see the value of certification and support their chefs while doing so? That is the question...But yes, attending a conference/convention allows you to see, do, and learn so much in a limited amount of time. I believe if more students had the chance to attend such events and get plugged in...membership and recertification would grow by leaps and bounds.


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