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Hi.As my profile says-I'm going to a community college for my culinary degree.I'll be 40 yrs old when I start school.Yes I began late and I wish I had did this earlier in life.I am an insulator making very good money,but I'm willing to give it all up to do something I have always had a passion for.My question to you fine folks is am I too old to start a career as a chef?Any insight would be very appreciated.Thank you.

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Howdy! One answer, two words......HELL NO! I am proud of you for doing what it is that you want. This is a basic ingredient and privilege of happiness in life. I started the career a little later also. At least you know what you want and why you are there. There are many students in AI Chicago much older than you. There are a lot of cute ladies, so just enjoy the look and stay focused. ha ha For real though, feel blessed that you have the knowledge, opportunity and the drive(balls) to do it. Enjoy the ride, soak in as much as possible, ask tons of questions, go to skill labs to practice, network and see where you can be the most useful. Apply, mentally, everything that you do to what you want to do and where you want to go in life. I believe Ghandi said it and said it best....."Live as if you will die tomorrow and Learn as if you will live forever"
Thank you for your reply .I appreciate you taken the time-and thanks for the words of wisdom.
I started out as cook when I was 17, I've taken a decade off, and I'll be 37 when I enter school in the fall. There is a place for all of us in the business. You'll have lots of life experience that will help with the management of time, people, and responsibility. Those are things that the younger kids will not have going for them. Wisdom is something that you can provide to an employer. And best of all, you'll love what you do.

I was 55 the year I graduated from culinary school. No time like the present, regardless of age.
Just do everything they ask of you and do it on time. You will have a ball.
Chef Darrel
Hey Darrel thanks.I guess a person is never too old to do what they want to do.
Hey Mike, Good to hear you are following your passion. I too am just beginning Culinary school. I am also 40. I am almost finished with my first semester. And Im so so happy I chose to take the steps to follow my dream. I currently work as a crystal growth engineer but cooking is my passion. I believe age is of no concern. I think it is brave and fortunate for anyone to have the "Balls" to follow their dreams. This is a great and exciting field! Dive in head first, stick with it, you'll be glad you did! I know I am!
I agree with the others- I am 35 and just started culinary school. These young students are keeping me feeling young as well! It's really fun. I think it's never too late to do what you're passionate about- it's not about the money. And when it comes to job hunting time, you will have the edge b/c you're more mature and focused on your career. Good luck to all of us culinary "seniors"!! ;)
All I can say is if you DON'T go to culinary school you will live the rest of your life with REGRET that you didn't pursue your passion. It's nice that you are making good money but that doesn't replace the fact that you still have a longing to make your passion a reality. You can also make good money as a Chef. Stop contemplating, get registered and go to school!!! HAPPY COOKING!!!
Hi I started Culinary school in 2007. (Also at a community college) I have been a hairdresser for 26 years! I am now 46 yrs. old. I have heard from some of the teachers at my school that it is late in life to begin a new career. However, I think it is NEVER too late to pursue a dream. It depends on how quickly you can move up the ladder at each restaurant you work at I think. But if you are willing to put in the time and effort and can live without money coming in at first I say Go For IT!!!! I know I am...
It is never too late to start doing what you love. At 34, I am in my first year as a culinary student, and I love it. I think that us older students have an advantage over the younger ones that still believe that there social life is the most important thing. I also am noticing that a lot of the younger students (not all but a lot) are not as committed. Remember, you don’t have to be the best, just 10% better than those around you. And the words I live by, if you truly do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Always fallow your passion, and never let anything get in your way.
After seventeen years in a totally unrelated career, I finally had enough of the "every man for himself" lifestyle and decided to persue happiness instead of wealth. After several weeks of intense research, I quit my 50K/yr job and enrolled in culinary school to do what my heart was telling me to do. I was one month away from thirty-seven years old at the time. Today, I am the Sous Chef at an up-and-coming restaurant working with an award-winning Chef from New York and living a dream I never thought possible. My Associates Degree will be complete in July '09 and I'll be working on my first ACF Certification by October. My culinary career has allowed me to work with and for some of South Louisiana's best chefs, as well as learn from one of the finest collection of Chef-Instructors this state has to offer. As a single father caring for two small children, I consider my accomplishments thus far more than I could have expected, but somehow I think things are just getting started! I'm on the ride of my life and there's no sign it'll ever end!!!

I am 34, and having a hard time making the choice to go to culinary school. I have read all the posts and they are encouraging. I have heard the reality is a 60+hr work week, how do you balance the rest of your life? What is your advice or method.


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