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With such an ancient civalisation and cuisine still Indian Cuisine has  become the most difficult cuisine to teach or to master.,....Can anyone shed some light on this and any remedial action which can be initiated ?  

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I actually have never heard that Indian Cuisine is the most difficult to master. I know in many countries there are numerous regions that are different in terms of the national cusines and so if you were to compile them together with their national cuisine they would be pretty intense as well.

In just language alone a country may have upwords of a 100 or more dialects ( these would not be a variation of a language, but a completely different language)and a differnet culinary history.

Each region has their own ethnic base, different spices, sauces, dominant fruits/vegetables and proteins. Based on location, being on a specific trade route, ability to grow certain items because of weather, soil conditions, abundance or lack of water etc.

Out of personal curiousity how was it determined that Indian Cuisine to be the most difficult to teach or master?


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