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So as my first head chef job I have taken over at a sorority at IU Bloomington. It is going really well and the extensive changes that I have made have been well received. I have gotten rid of all of the convenience food and we are doing everything from scratch. We are baking, making stocks, and generally having fun and doing it right. We serve a lighter lunch, salad bar, baked potato bar, deli sandwich bar, and pasta to order. This has allowed us to do nice buffet style entrees that are really wowing the girls. We do some formal meals as well. Last week we did an orange balsamic glazed duck breast with polenta and asparagus. A far cry from the prepackaged lasagna that they did last year. All this and we are about $5000 under what they spent last year for the month. It got me thinking about what my son eats at school, the tater tots, pizza, etc. is what the menu was at the sorority almost to the letter. So, if I can do it cheaper with healthier, fresher food, why can't our local school system? Something I'll have to start working on soon.

Brett Morse

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Comment by Terry E. Mayne on January 5, 2009 at 1:15pm
Good for you. Nutrition and culinary go hand and hand. I worked in the public school system for nine years in food service. They need all the help they can get. Private education out sources their food program, it works better. I have my Culinary degree and my CC and working on the Dietary Manager's Program. How did you find out about this job for the sorority? The closest college to me is UC (Cincinnati). Good luck with the job.
Terry Mayne
Comment by Angela on October 14, 2008 at 5:14pm
How exciting for you. That is really a job well done. I am all about changing the food format for the educational systems. That orange balsamic glazed duck sounds heavenly.

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