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Are you putting dirty boxes into your walk-in cooler?

If you are... think about this... the dang trunk driver goes in and out of that truck all day walking in the muck and worst case scenario animal excrement, usually in alleys and tromping through garbage water and grease, then back into the truck again only to slide boxes to dig out your order, sliding the boxes around smearing into the bottom of these boxes all the crap that he's been tracking in all day, hope you are early on the delivery route. You think the trucks are getting cleaned well at the end of the night? A light hose down, if your lucky. My point... don't you dare keep those filthy boxes, change everything out, new fresh containers. Boxes are great breeding grounds for bugs and bacteria, do yourself, your guests, and especially...... me a favor and keep boxes out of your walk-in and dry storage. thanks for reading, now, come eat at my restaurant and feel shame.

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Comment by Daniel U Nilsson on July 23, 2009 at 5:43pm
Very true. Plus containers don't have to be that expensive. If you rake care of them and keep them clean, they last.
Comment by Edgar Jacobs on July 23, 2009 at 4:45pm
Great Blog! We all are guilty of using boxes for storage because containers are expensive and scarce in most kitchens. But I would rather fork out a couple hundred bucks on containers than a few thousand for a foodbourne illness lawsuit.

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