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The Greater Atlanta ACF Chapter has created a Women Chefs Communications Committee and we are currently trying to identify the needs and wants of our female members so that an action plan can be created to address those things. Any input would be appreciated, and you don't have to be a women to comment. Thank you for helping us out with this.

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Comment by MOHD RIZWAAN QURESHI on February 9, 2010 at 9:20am
Hi my name is Rizwaan Qureshi i am currently a young iandian chef.i love my job and challenging
Comment by Sarah Leavell on January 23, 2010 at 2:21pm
Hi my name is Sarah I am currently a young Pastry Chef. I love my job and it is very challenging and rewarding. However I am concerned that because I am starting out in Pastry as a female chef that I will be compartmentalized into doing only pastry. I have a great love for savory cooking as well. Has any one out there been in my situation and have you been able to branch into the savory side of the kitchen? I have seen the savory side of the kitchen deemed "the boy's side of the kitchen" (not where I currently work thankfully) in several kitchens. Any advice on keeping my savory skills sharp and keeping that side of the kitchen open while I continue to be a Pastry Chef?
Comment by Natasha on September 26, 2009 at 6:13pm
First of all I don't know about colored chef's jackets for women, but check out http://www.crookedbrook.com/womens-chef-jackets-coats.htm. Also most of the uniform manufacturers are finally starting to make women's coats you just have to find the one you like and the fit that works best for you. Good luck.

Courtney if you are a member of the Greater Atlanta ACF Chapter come and find me after one of our meetings. Even if you are not a member come and check it out you don't have to be a member to come to a couple of meetings. Perhaps we can talk about your particular situation. It could be that the pastry assistant position is all that is available right now, or he thinks you would be difficult to replace. All I can do is share my experience and if you cannot get what you need where you are, then perhaps it is time to look around a little. The only person who's behavior you can change is your own.
Comment by Courtney Adams on September 25, 2009 at 8:36pm
I guess you could say that I am still a student. I completed half of my degree at the Art Institute of Atlanta but, due to financial issues, I have yet to finish my degree. I majored in Culinary Arts...not Baking and Pastry...Culinary Arts. However, the Executive Chef at my workplace seems content on only allowing me to work as a Pastry Assistant, no matter how many times I express a desire to work with the Banquet Staff or Restaurant Staff at the Country Club.

I hope this is not the case, but as a female I cannot help but wonder if it's a gender-bias issue. He has no problem working with the male students one-on-one, letting them do as they please, but treats me completely different. I would love it if I could possibly work under a female Executive Chef, but it's so difficult to find one. It would be great if we could start some sort of listing or job placement program. I do enjoy baking and pastry, but it's not all I want to do. And how can I ever get a job doing all that I want, if I cannot even get the experience at my current job?
Comment by Denise Cauvin on March 19, 2009 at 11:36am
Natasha, this sounds great although i do live in Bucks County, PA. I am new to the pastry field, still a student... and think this is a wonderful idea!

one thing i think that could be identified is that I find it difficult to find "affordable colored women's chef jackets" (i know this is a teeny, tiny issue) i am currently looking for a chocolate colored jacket since i am doing my apprenticeship as a chocholatier... and i don't want to settle for "unisex- xs" since they fit terrible... haahaa, I am sure you are looking to discuss larger issues, but i am actually thinking of sewing my own jackets... anyway good luck with the Chapter, i will check back.....
Comment by Kimberly Brock Brown on February 11, 2009 at 12:26pm
Natasha, however I can help I will. In this day and age it is bittersweet to have this committee. I know and understand the value of it, I guess it is shameful at best that the need to have this is still there.

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