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We are now at the midpoint of my summer externship. As of now, both my week 5 and mid point performance reviews are in and both are quite complimentary. Both Sous Chefs and the Lead Cook at Casey’s have all indicated that I have met and exceeded expectations. The Executive Chef however has taken exception to those raving reviews by saying that while I have “certainly met expectations” I come short of “exceeding expectations”.

So far, I have gotten quite a bit of exposure as a “short order cook” at Casey’s. The experience will certainly help in cementing the foundation of my culinary career. I certainly do hope though that in the next few weeks of my externship that I will be able to gets a few shifts both in the Atrium kitchen as well as in Banquets. Got my fingers crossed!

Hours have been very hard to come by. I have only managed one 40 hour week since my externship began. To that end, I have approached the head of Stewarding and made myself available for dishwashing shifts. Hours are apparently available and an interest in me filling some of those hours were expressed. As soon as time clock issues have been worked out this should be a good avenue for extra hours.......Rob

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