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Week 7 came and went so fast that I hardly time to even think about this week’s post, but here it goes

As I mentioned in my last post, I was able to start picking shifts in stewarding to help reach a 40hr week. To that end, on Friday after finishing my culinary shift, I was assigned help with the “Joe Namath Celebrity Roast” held to support the Alabama Children First Foundation. Tables of 8 went for $10,000. The cheap tables went for $350 per plate. The event went longer than expected and we weren’t able to get out of there until 2:00am as opposed to the 12:30am scheduled. I was however able to “take my break” as the reception line began and I was able to meet Joe (ya, we’re on a first name basis now), shake his hand and get a professional photographer to take a picture. As soon as the photographer gets the photos on the Children First website, they’ll be for sale. I am very looking forward to having that photo and will post it as soon as I get it.

I will again pick up an additional shift this week with stewarding, probably on Saturday night. I doubt however that it will be as exciting as the Roast, but I need the hours and experience even if the guest of honor isn’t a NFL legend like Joe Namath!......Rob

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