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Some ideas for baking with Beer... Breads, Desserts, Batters and more.

Alright so I have been doing some independent studying for a project Im doing at school and I have run into some things about Baking with beer that Id like to share with all of you, Check this out and try these, I guarantee you will find something in here that you will like!

My study project that Im doing for school is basically about which beers are good for baking and what are they good to be used to bake and why. I ran into a great recipe that is a simple Banana Nut Bread but it calls for a bit of Gordon Biersch Hefeviezen to compliment the banana flavor in the bread. If you are making some Pumpkin Bread for this upcoming fall season, try another "Hefe" called Tucher Brau Helles Hefe. This "Hefe" has a nice clove finish that works well with pumpkin spice. Another fall harvest bread that can have some beer in it is Apple Bread. Try a bit of Unibroue Ephemere Apple Beer in the recipe to highlight the apple flavors in the bread, this beer can also be used in pairing with french bread for a complimentary flavor to the natural sweetness of the french bread. Coffee Cake can be kicked up a notch with some Meantime London Porter, a strong beer brewed with coffee beans in the brewing process, or if you want a contrast to the final product of your french bread, try pairing up some of this beer with your bread while dining.

If you want to experiment with some artisan breads try these out. If sourdough is on the menu and you want a strong flavor in it try adding some Stone IPA to the mixture to bring out a strong yeasty flavor that will go with the sour essence of the sourdough. To compliment the sourdough flavor after baking, try pairing it with some Scottish Ale(Belhaven Wee Heavy Scotland Ale). If you want to try some french bread with a twist add some Blue Moon, not too much though because the natural citrusy flavor of the beer can over power the bread, just a bit to highlight the sweet flavor of the frenchbread. To compliment the french bread for pairing in dining try some more of that Unibroue Ephemer Apple Ale that you used in the Apple Bread from earlier. To contrast it, try some more of the Meantime London Porter for a coffee flavor to contrast the sweet french bread for dining. Honey oat bread is another great fall harvest bread. If you want to switch things up a bit try adding some good ol' Guiness to the dough to add a creamy oatmeal finish to the bread. If you are one of the people that dont really like Rye bread, try adding some "Hefe" to your mixture. Any "Hefe" will work but Pyramid Breweries Hefeviezen is the best with its weaker fruity flavor, itll retain the rye flavor but lessen the kick of the rye that rye bread is commonly known for.

If you are baking dessert for a party or just for your personal sweet tooth, try something different with some beer. If you are making a chocolate cake or a chocolate sauce, try adding a Lactose Stout. A Lactose Stout is any beer with natural Milk sugar added to the brewing process. The yeast in the beer doesnt attack the milk sugar so the beer retains that milk chocolatey sweetness. Russian Imperial Stout can be added to a chocolate cake both in the batter and in the chocolate sauce(great in both the sauce and batter in Chocolate lava cakes). If you are making brownies or pudding you should try adding in some Ommengange Chocolate Stout, best to order this beer online, it is extremely rare and very milk chocolatey. For a dark chocolatey taste try adding in some Gonzo Imperial Porter. Is Caramel on the menu? Try some Belhaven Wee Heavy Scotland Ale. This works great in Caramel Sauce with its taffy and caramel after taste, or try it in some sweet breads for cinnamon rolls, it compliments the cream cheese really well.

If fruit is more your thing for desserts try some of these. Any Strawberry Blonde ale can be added to any strawberry sauce or any strawberry shortcake or even Strawberry Rubarb Pie. If Raspberry is what you need then try Frombaise Lindman to the sauce. If you want to just add a kick to fruit in general you can add some Kerberos Tripel to highlight the flavor of any fruit.

Beer batters are a dime a dozen. Most people use just whatever cheap beer they find but if you want to try some good beers to highlight the product that you are frying up, try a pale ale. If you want a light appearance of the beer in your batter both in color and in flavor add some Full Sail to your beer batter. For a more dark, apparent flavor throw in some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to the batter mix to make the product really pop out.

And finally, if you want to make some cornbread in your next dish and you want to know what beer will help with the flavor in the cornbread, toss in some New Belgium 1554 to highlight but not over power the natural sweetness of the cornbread mixture. If you dont want to add it to the mixture it goes perfect for pairing in the dining experience.

If any of you have any comments or questions about these, or just anymore ideas to throw at me, let me know i am very interested in this subject!

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