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Splitting hairs, my view on the ongoing arguement of student vs. experience.

I have been reading alot of the articles and discussions here on this site and I seem to notice the ongoing argument of students in the culinary field and experience through hard work and sweat. I am a student and I have been cooking for myself for most of my life, I have experienced both. I have over ten years of management experience in the kitchen, it may not be as classy as some of you but it is what it is. Now im not one of these spoiled little brats that think that brown nosing and sucking up is going to get me to manage my own restaurant. I am going to school to further my education in the field of my choice, to help open up the doors of my imagination on the food industry. I have seen both sides of the spectrum here, the students and the experienced, both looking to further their knowledge in this field. The people that obviously dont get it are the ones that think the world will be handed to them on a silver platter upon graduating, they will realize that thas isnt the case, you dont need to worry about them because they will rise to fall. The true passionate ones are the ones that understand and have that passion to do what they want to do. I will never truly, comfortably call myself a chef because I know that there is always going to be somebody out there better than me and there is always something out there that I havent learned yet, and somebeody out there who is better than me.But that is what this industry should be about though, the desire to learn, the desire to pursue to be the best but it should also be about humility and understanding. The kitchen is a brutal place to work, it shouldnt be full of people with attitudes about a subject as inconsiquintial as this. Maybe you should take a step back and look at the reason you chose this profession to begin with. Now this is just my personal opinion so dont hate me but I feel alot of this argument is really stupid and shouldnt be a main focus in the kitchen, just do what you want to do and that is the bottom line, dont worry about anybody else or how they got their position, just do your best and get out of every experience what you need to. Being a student I am starting to get that whole scoffing attitude towards me from other chefs because of my "lack of experience". They dont know me or anything that I have done in my past, they just automatically pass judgement upon me and dont give me the time of day. Im a student because I have the passion and I want to learn what I need to do in the kitchen, I want to put my theory into practice, in a place outside of my own kitchen. How am I suppossed to do that without somebody letting me get my foot in the door? Dont you all remember your first kitchen job? We were all there at one point in our carreers. Something id like to say to people on both sides of this argument, you all started as students at one point in this field, we can all become the master.

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Comment by Joshuah Jones on August 16, 2009 at 8:40pm
very true, couldnt have said it better.
Comment by Jesse Parker on August 16, 2009 at 5:13pm
If there is a passion for food service, then that is all that matters. If you entered the industry through school training or you learned soley in the kitchen, Learn from everyone you can...and teach everyone you can. Knowledge is worth obtaining any way possible. Dont focus on how you got it, only that you have the desire to constantly seek it.
Comment by Joshuah Jones on August 14, 2009 at 5:02pm
you have misunderstood my point, i was not whining i was simply stating that the whole thing about chefs vs students is rediculous, that was my underlying message here. I know to suck it up and I know why im in this field, that wasnt the point, i was simply stating that the whole thing in itself is retarded, ill tell you right here what the point of this blog is, again, nobody should care if im a student because we are all students in a way, make sense? if no then im sorry. Its about the fact that people pass judgement too quickly, the people that dont get it just havent seen it yet. And yes i have sucked it up and moved on, I admit this blog was me releasing some steam but only because im tired of seeing this crap in this field. And yes you dont have to tell me to "get used to it" or "get over it" because i know that already, doesnt mean that i cant get upset about ignorance.
Comment by William J Allison Jr on August 14, 2009 at 3:01pm
And what is the point behind this archaic, adolescent, rhetorical and seemingly pointless blog. Chef, i suggest you use the experience you stated you have! You read this blog again and rethink what you are definitely complaining about! As chefs we all have had our turmoils,trials,tribulations and have had some form of distaste or displeasure! If you want a pity party from anyone on this site other than students, it's probably not going to happen! As we say @ Hardwork University, "suck it up"! And something else, this industry is not about you nor me but about the hospitable and unconditional service we offer to whomever it maybe! Weather the storm and you will see if you are truly passionate as you suggested in the aforementioned blog! Keep cooking! Stop whining and maybe you might see the irony between your own culinary way and words.
Good Food , Good Friends, Good Family , Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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