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It's very important these days to network, as in the old days many times its still a lot about who you know.
Who can recommend you, who's your friend, and finding out who could use someone like you with your skills.

Market yourself online like Twitter. Make yourself a blog, tweet about yourself and what your doing make many friends and associates.

I tweet on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/culinarschmooze
I have close to 2000 followers, most of them chefs, many foodies, a few Large businesses and others who just love my tweets.

I meet people from all over, i find out about jobs, i help Chefs spread news about where there doing a demo, about their new cook books, about Jobs for Chefs, trends food facts and more.

I have a Blog, http://www.culinaryschmooze.com where I post recipes, news about events, interview other chefs, post about contests, and on and on.

Because of this I get to make some new friends, I get invites to come to meet them, I find out about new jobs, learn new tips for the kitchen and become more well rounded.

It helps to network. So Chefs, do yourselves a favor and if you can go for it and network.Sell yourself, Make Friends, Learn something new and have some fun. That's what Social Networking is all about.
I would recommend you sign up with http://www.twitter.com and http://www.facebook.com for general social networking and http://www.linkedin.com for more formal social networking.

I write this Blog to network myself here amongst you all, and to help you all in this new world where technology does matter, and can help you achieve your dreams.

Best Regards,
James Williams, CC

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